Your customer benefit on the basis of a partnership and trusting cooperation:

  1. Development Competence: You can take methodological competence for granted. With us, you also build on a very experience-based and practice-proven foundation to develop your technologically sophisticated products. Even complex design and build projects have already been successfully implemented by us (technically and administratively).
  2. Flexibilisation: Flexibilise your personnel costs effectively with our support and thus ensure agility in the market. In addition, you can better focus on your core competencies.
  3. Project Management: Your projects are organized and controlled from the start with sound technical know-how, methodological knowledge and social competence. In addition to controlling, scheduling, interface management and documentation, our spectrum also covers quality assurance as well as employee training and qualification.
  4. Network: Take advantage of our existing and well-functioning partner network, which we are happy to expand continuously. Whenever it makes professional sense and fits humanly.
  5. Best Price: Through many years of experience with and consistent use of Best Cost Partners, we offer you our services at reasonable costs. The management of your projects always remains in the best hands with us.

Our values drive us forward as an organization and connect us as a community.

  1. Treat everyone else the way we want to be treated.
  2. Be willing to listen openly, have the courage to change our position.
  3. Be honest, ethical and above criticism with each other and with our stakeholders.
  4. Adherence to commitments as a basis for building trusting relationships.
  5. To have the tireless will to be the best in our business, individually and collectively.
  6. Be enthusiastic about who we are and what we do.

Responsible employer = reliable partner

One is the condition of the other: We can only be a reliable development partner for you if we create a working atmosphere in which everyone has fun at work and is motivated to work together for success. And you can rely on that!

Today 20 employees

  • Experienced and dedicated team: Practical experienced, highly committed senior engineers
  • Cross-industry know-how of the team from expert level to 1st and 2nd management level
  • Average age 42 years

Continuously growing network

  • Today more than 10 qualified partner companies
  • Global network of engineering experts who are involved on a project-by-project basis


  • EN 9001 certified